FWTools on Windows


FWTools for windows is a self contained package of commandline tools (GDAL, PROJ.4, etc) and the OpenEV desktop application. It aims to work on all Win32 platforms, though it has not been tested on Windows 98/95 and is likely to have some problems there. It is believed to work fully on WinXP, WinXP (SP2), Windows 2000 and Windows NT.


FWTools installations for Windows are provided as a self contained installation executable. Just run it and follow the steps to install.

The installation will setup entries to launch an FWTools Shell and OpenEV under an FWTools program group in the Start->All Programs menu. The OpenEV entry launch the OpenEV application. The FWTools shell launchs a DOS shell (cmd.exe) with the environment pre-initialized to use all the FWTools commands.

To use FWTools commands from other command shells just call the setfw.bat script in the FWTools install directory to setup the environment appropriately.

By default the OpenEV and FWTools Shell icons on the desktop will start in the FWTools install directory but they can be safely changes to start in any user writable directory by editing the icon properties.