FWTools on Linux (x86 32bit)


FWTools installations for Linux (x86 32bit) are provided as a GZipped tar file.


Just unpack, run the install.sh script in the new directory, and then add the bin_safe directory to your path.


% tar xzvf FWTools-linux-0.9.5.tar.gz
% cd FWTools-linux-0.9.5
% ./install.sh
If you use Bash as your shell add the following to your startup script (ie. ~/.bash_profile):

or if you use csh or tcsh as your shell add the following to your .cshrc:

setenv PATH $PATH:$HOME/FWTools/bin_safe

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenEV crashes when I open any file!

This is due to an OpenGL problem and occurs on some Linux systems, and often looks like this:

/home/shoofi/bin/FWtools/bin/openev: line 25:  9336 Illegal instruction
${OPENEV_HOME}/bin/python ${OPENEV_HOME}/pymod/openev.py "$@"
This can often be worked around by adding the -h switch when launching OpenEV. The -h switch requests use of Hardware (accelerated) OpenGL.